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Vantage Music Limited, founded in 2014, is devoted to promoting classical music in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions. There are two main emphases for its activities: concert management and music education.


Artists associated with Vantage Music all have the same passion—making music that moves. However, to be able to perform at that level the artists require an uninterrupted period of preparation, which so often is interrupted by the need of having to organise the concerts themselves. With special attention to the managing of concerts and other related matters, Vantage Music acts as a reliable aid for the artists so that they can focus on what they do best.


In music education, Vantage Music supports the Young Musicians Series wholeheartedly, which is a platform for young musicians to perform in public. Prior to the concerts, the young musicians receive coaching from our roster of artists. Vantage Music also organises masterclasses and workshops with our artists and other professional musicians. Please refer to the Young Musicians Series homepage (www.yms.hk) for more information.

Sixth Issue of Vantage

The September 2017 issue of Vantage features:

* Interview with composer Fung Lam of HK Phil

* Dialogue with musicologist Professor Daniel Chua of HKU

*Analysis on Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier

* Patronage in Music and Arts

*Articles on musicians' common injuries and prevention

*Snapshots of Vantage Music Artists' New York Tour


You may click on the cover or use the direct link here to access the electronic version.


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