Inspirational Liaisons

September 2016 - February 2017


A grand Concert series dedicated to

Inspirational and Musical Friendships all through the ages.


I. Dedication

II. Companions

III. Adoration

IV. Craftsmanship

V. Collaboration

VI. Inspiration

VII. Encore


Venue: Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall


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* * *


Concert I -  Dedication

(26 Sep, 2016, Mon)

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven


Haydn  Quartet in G major, op.33 no.5, "How do you do?"

  Romer String Quartet


Beethoven  Violin Sonata in A, op.47, “Kreutzer”

Kitty Cheung, violin; Stephen Hung, piano


Mozart  Quartet in G major from "The Haydn Quartets," K387

Romer String Quartet


* * *


Concert II - Companions

(6 Oct, 2016, Thu)

Schubert: Winterreise und Goethe


Gretchen am Spinnrade

(Gretchen at the Spinning-wheel) D.118

Poet: Goethe


Winterreise (Winter’s Journey) D.911 (Excerpts)

Poet: Müller


Gute Nacht (Good Night)

Die Wetterfahne (The Weather-vane)

Gefrorne Tränen (Frozen Tears)

Erstarrung (Numbness)

Der Lindenbaum (The Linden Tree)

Wasserflut (Torrent)a

Auf dem Flusse (On the Stream)

Rückblick (Backward Glance)

Irrlicht (Will-o’-the-wisp)

Rast (Resting Place)

Frühlingstraum (Dream of Spring)

Einsamkeit (Solitude)


An den Mond (To the Moon) D.259

Poet: Goethe


Erlkönig (The Erl King) D.328

Poet: Goethe


  Carol Lin, mezzo-soprano; Frankie Liu, tenor; Sheung Lee, piano


* * *


Concert III - Adoration

(20 Oct, 2016, Thu)

Brahms and Schumann


Schumann  Adagio and Allegro op.70 for Cello and Piano

  Joanne Kim, cello; Cindy Ho, piano


Dietrich, Schumann and Brahms  FAE sonata for violin and piano

  Kiann Chow, violin; Cindy Ho, piano


Clara Schumann  Trio in G minor

  Vantage Trio

  Kiann Chow, piano; Joanne Kim, cello; Cindy Ho, piano


* * *


Concert IV - Craftsmanship

(27 Oct, 2016, Thu)

Liszt and Raff


Raff   Ballade from Klavier-Soli op.74

   3 Pieces from Blätter und Blüten op.135a

Fantasy op.142


Liszt  8 Etudes from 12 Grandes Etudes S137

(Transcendental Etudes, version 1837): No 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

  Tra Nguyen, piano


* * *


Concert V - Collaboration

(14 Nov, 2016, Mon)

Bowen, Faure and Respighi


Bowen  Phantasy for viola and piano

Ringo Chan, viola; Stephen Hung, Piano


Fauré  Sonata no.2 for cello and piano, op.117

Eric Yip, cello; Cindy Ho, piano


Respighi  Il tramonto

  Carol Lin, mezzo soprano; Romer String Quartet


* * *


Concert VI - Inspiration

(28 Nov, 2016, Mon)

Ravel, Gershwin and Vaughan Williams


Ravel  Sonata in G for violin and piano

Kitty Cheung, violin; Cindy Ho, piano


Gershwin  Three Preludes

Timothy Sun, saxophone; Cindy Ho, piano


Vaughan Williams  On Wenlock Edge

  David Quah, tenor; Cindy Ho, piano; Romer string Quartet


* * *


Concert VII - Encore

(23 Feb, 2017, Thu)

(the same programme will be performed on 11 June 2017 at Carnegie Hall, New York)


Vaughan Williams  The House of Life

  Carol Lin, mezzo-soprano; Sheung Lee, piano


Ravel  Sonata in G for violin   and piano

  Eric Wang, violin; Stephen Hung, piano


Gershwin  Three preludes

Creston  Sonata for Saxophone and Piano.

  Timothy Sun, saxophone; Cindy Ho, piano





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